Wednesday, 25 November 2009

What if the data is unreliable ?

How can the world commit to drastic courses of action, just after a world recession when it seems the science isn't settled at all ?

Read: Patrick Michaels and "The Dog Ate Global Warming" - which came out before the CRU hack and #climategate.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Opening statement

This blog is part of a new project I'm thinking of starting about the climate change debate.

I've been becoming increasing concerned and worried about the political nature of the debate, and the absence of scientific debate at a political level.

I've moved position from being very concerned about global warming to becoming a sceptic, but you have to live what you preach and any good sceptic should be interested in the evidence.

So I'm starting my journey to understand what I can about the subject.

Who knows how far it will go - a long way or around the corner.

I'm a busy man, who doesn't really have the time for the political blogging I do, but we'll see. Maybe progress will be very slow.