Saturday, 27 February 2010

Computer modelling shows its limits

I'm just watching KGMB Hawaii New Now as it looks like the predicted Tsunami from the Chile earth quake has come in around the time predicted, but in a much different profile than predicted.

Of course Hawaii has put on an impressive emergency response for the potential wave(s) to strike, but people don't like making massive preparations with no large waves resulting. ( There were in fact some very impressive tidal type surges ).

But of course the models have failed in the sense of the accuracy of their wave height prediction.

There is a representative explaining this now in terms of the simplicity of the models for generating the Tsunami and the need to be conservative. He's of course entirely right. And the correct and responsible actions have been taken, even if in the end they weren't needed.

However what it does show is the limitations of computer models.

A lesson for all those predictions on climate change issues.

Monday, 22 February 2010

The scare stories keep on coming

I guess we have journalists to thank for some of this - but the same themes keep getting recycled.

Today's its climate instability due to methane hydrates and trapped methane in permafrost.

Its often hidden away that the Warmist campaigners require climate instability to make their wild predictions come about.

However the historical ( which means geological ) evidence for this suggests the opposite, that our climate is internally stable. ( All bets are off if the Sun increases / reduces its output ).

The truth is they don't know, but they won't be adding that to any iPhone apps...