Monday, 28 June 2010

The new certainty

Its all been a bit quiet here - as I've blogged on other interests over on my Man in a Shed blog.

But Warmism hasn't gone away and it now has a new form.

I'll call it "the new certainty".

The aim is to reassert access to the special privileged position Warmism had when "the science is was settled". That position that allows billions of pounds to be spent ( or wasted ) just because the warmists demand it. It also allows there mainly left wing co-travellers to establish the mechanisms of command and control they have been unable to achieve by democratic means.

The new tactics - probably coordinated somewhere as the former ones were - are as follows:

1) Admit debate is good, and scepticism is good science. ( See how reasonable we really are ).
2) Say a few bad words were used in "some emails" but that investigations have shown that nothing bad was meant by it. ( Don't for goodness sake mention the code or the systematic distortions in the base data. )
3) Now everyone can see how reasonable we warmists are - hit them with the certainty (Just don't let them know how little of the overall picture it covers). CO2 is a greenhouse gas ( shock horror ). Then add a simple experiment to show members of the general public ( preferably Top Gear petrol heads ) it acting as a green house gas. (Do not mention the facts the experiment has vastly higher concentrations of CO2 or that water vapour is a vastly higher contributor to the green house effect.)
4) Don't even bother with the issues about computer modelling and the unknown unknown's.
5) Hint at dark motives for the evil deniers - are they not in the pay of the evil oil companies ?

And there we have the new climate change requires world socialism and the destruction of western economies kit ready to issue to shallow journalists.

PS Although the UK TV documentary on climate change on Panorama, which I suspect will use this new line, was last night I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Will get back when I have.


  1. I watched it, and I did get the feeling it was going down the "CO2 is a greenhouse gas" line, but it actually was quite fairly balanced. It went from that to actually talking to people with different viewpoints (one who was a scientist who had a view that around 1/4 of current warming was down to man), and were prepared to put Lomborg on camera saying "this warming just isn't a catastrophe".

    But it's definitely a line that will be used more and more, and it also called the CRU whitewash an independent investigation.

  2. James Delingpole was none too impressed, MiaS, you can see what he has to say about it here.

  3. @BS Thanks for that. I especially liked "you’d be better off sticking your hand in a bag of amphetamine-injected rattlesnakes and hope not to be bitten than you would trusting the BBC."

    Still to watch the program myself mind ....

  4. The whole thing was spun round the BBC's opinion board in which everybody was asked where they were on the range of "believing CO2 causes warming" whichm if wholly unquantified, nobody much can disagree with. They could have asked about believing CO2 is causing historically unprecedented & catastrophic warming" which, since if it isn't catastrophic there is no point in closing down the economy, is the only real question. They didn't because even Prof Jones acknowledges there is no sign of that.


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